The Platform Law Blog

Digital platforms like search engines and social networks have dramatically changed our lives and brought considerable benefits. Their role is likely to grow in importance as we move deeper in the digital era.

At the same time, there are growing concerns that digital markets are dominated by a handful of platforms. Platforms have also been criticized for their role in facilitating misinformation, the spread of harmful content online and the pervasive surveillance of citizens. There is currently a lively debate in the EU and abroad (UK, US, Australia) as to how to tackle these challenges and ensure the best outcomes for consumers and society.

This is why we decided to launch The Platform Law Blog, a blog dedicated to digital platforms and the issues they raise for competition policy, regulation and privacy. Our goal is to bring you all the latest news and insights on these topics. We also hope some of our posts will spur interesting debates. Comments and suggestions are most welcome!

The Authors

The authors are ‘platform specialists’ in Geradin Partners, a boutique competition law firm based in Brussels. They regularly advise clients on issues relating to digital platforms.